m240 - Freezing in MSC, Empty/Full in MTP

Hi all,
I’m trying to sort out my other half’s Sansa m240 and having no end of problems. There are no problems with playback, but trying to update is proving problematic. In MSC mode, it reads “USB Reading Data” and locks out explorer. In MTP mode WMP11 reports that the player is full, but has no music files.

I don’t know about the MSC mode (I generally use MTP), but I’m having similar problems in MTP. I haven’t so far been using any utilities/programs to write or read files to/from my m250, but use Windows XP Pro Explorer. My Hercules Game Theater XP soundcard has a breakout box that features a couple of USB connectors. I have the USB from that connected to a USB connector on the back of my USB 2.0 supporting motherboard. When I connect the m250 to the breakout box I see one directory structure, with certain MP3 files. When I connect the m250 to USB on the front of my computer, I see a different directory structure with different MP3s! Who knows what I will see if I look at the m250 with my XP Pro laptop or my Windows 2000 computer (the m250 isn’t supposed to support Windows 2000, but I was able to read/write files with it)? Ordinarily, when in Windows Explorer, you can determine the cumulative file sizes of any part of a directory tree by simply inspecting the properties for that tree. Not so for my m250. I can only guess how much file space I have left.

It’s driving me nuts. Why in the world didn’t they design a system that works consistently? It couldn’t have been that difficult (My iRiver players all feature natural and intuitive Windows Explorer file structure support). Instead, they have nutty firmware that causes all kinds of squirrely things to happen. Worse, they have various kinds of firmware, different branches of firmware on their firmware tree, so if you have for example firmware 2.x, you can’t use firmware 4.x (and I presume vice versa), although different branches have different features. Plus, they don’t allow you to flash back to a previous firmware. They keep a tight fist on their users as far as firmware is concerned (I can flash my iRiver products to any version I want). They even have a firmware updating facility that automatically updates you to the “latest” version, and won’t allow you to install anything else.

I haven’t experimented with using programs/utilities with the m250, but can only hope they will be of some use. When I connect it to the front of my XP Pro midtower computer (at least the last couple of times) I am asked if I want to connect using Windows Media Player, another utility or “No Action.” I always choose No Action, but wonder if I should try some program. I heard that Media Monkey can be a workable solution, or at least it was in some fashion for one guy.

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