Resetting Player


I had a bit of a problem with my player (m250 model). I left it alone in a normal environment for about a week, but after that, when I tried to use it again, it said “Not enough space for music DB. Please free 8 MB”. However, I didn’t add any music to it, and it was working fine before. I connected it to the computer, but there was no music in the folders, though the message still came up whenever I tried to turn the player on. I was wondering if there is any way to completely reset the MP3 player?

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Put your player in MSC mode and run the error-checking utility on it…

What “Error Checking Utility” are you talking about?  Do you mean the Windows drive-checking utility under Properties/Tools/… ?  Or some SanDisk util.?

Yes, the error-checking utility under Properties>Tools…select both options and run the check–that should help your player refresh the database.

I have the sansa clip, and whenever i turn it on it says “not enough space for music DB please free 30MB”

and whenever i plug it in, it wont show up on the computer, but i dont have the sansa disk software downloaded on my MAC laptop.

how can i reset my sansa without it in my computer, or do i need the software for my computer? if i do, can you send me the link for it, and make sure it is the mac verison!!

thanks !!!


How do you get the player to change for MTP to MSC?

I have had to play around with mine to figure things out.  To change the player to MSC mode, hit the Menu button on the top of the player, scroll down to settings, hit the white round button to enter, then when in the settings menu scroll down to USB again hit the white round enter button, you will then see 2 options in the USB menu: Auto detect and MSC. This is where you change the player to a storage device by selecting MSC.  Then plug into your computer and you should be able to manage files like a mass storage device.  The factory default will change the player back to auto detect so you can sync from WMP or anither service. Hope this helps! 

i can’t do disk check or error check because my m240 shows that message when im clicking menu button and my m240 selected at MTP how can i getrid from this/\

Hi, am really new here and do not know much about the M250.  I inherited one that has no directions and I cannot do anything but get a screen that says sansa  m250  2 gb.  I tried the menu button but nothing seems to work on it.  Is it totally lost. I know I am.