Help Need To Get To MSC Mode

How do I switch to MSC mode?? I think that is my problem i plug in the player to usb port and the player is empty apparently, but the songs are still on the player when I turn on. I check the properties and it shows the space being used. It is a M230 If u can help me    thanks

settings>usb mode/mode on the player itself lets you change modes.

Hello Decript,

      I hope I can help. I have a Sansa m240 so it should be the same functions. To get to MSC mode, turn on the player. After it completes the boot cycle hit your _ Menu button. (The same button as the power button) It will take you a new menu. Scroll down till you see **Settings. ** Select that and you are in that menu. Scroll and look for **USB. ** There you can change your settings. You will see **MSC** and **MTP** or you may see **MSC** and **Auto Detect**. Click on **MSC_** and you are done. You can either reboot your palyer or continually hit the music back or previous button to get back to your music list.

   When you want to get back to MTP mode, do the same and click on MTP or Auto Detect.

I hope this helps you. If you haveadditional problems, you can always go online to Sandisk and call or submit an Support Request. They can be helpful too.