How do I switch to msc mode on m240?

I have a Sandisk Sansa m240 that works fine with a broken lcd. I want to be able to switch it to msc mode so i can at least use it as a flash drive. The problem is, i cant navigate the menu’s because i cant see whats going on. It still plays songs fine and backlight still comes on, so i know it still works.

I was hoping a person who has a m240 or similar player can give step by step directions of what buttons i need to press to get me to the settings and switch it to msc mode, b/c i cant see anything on the screen. It is at the main screen where it plays music at the moment. So i know where i am all i need to know is how to navigate the menus on a broken lcd.

Please, can somebody nice help me. If i had another m240 i would be able to do it myself, but i dont and this is my brothers player before it broke, so i am unfarmiliar with the menus.

User Guide-Navigating the Software Menu
                           Click Here

I will try to make this work. It would work easily if the lcd wasnt broken, and i could acctually see.

But it has the order everything is in, so i have more of an idea.

What about following the steps in your little book, or on the CD that came with it and has a full manual on it?

Does anybody friggin listen? :angry:

The lcd is broke. Im not a nwebie to mp3 players, i just never used this one before the screen broke, so i didnt memorize the controls.

Nevermind, i found my answer on another site…

answer is?  buy a new one for 35 bucks :stuck_out_tongue: