M230 player question

I filled up the unit quickly over a couple of days and want to delete music files and load new music.

When plugging in I get the MSC mode and then go to my computer and open SanDisk player.

There are no music files. Just six files related to the player: AUDIBLE,  RECORD, MTABLE, RES_INFO,SYS_CONFIG,VERSION.SDK

Running WindowsXP

Could use some help.


tools>view options>View tab; unhide files and folders.

or try switching modes b/w msc and mtp

What does “b/w msc and mtp” mean and how do I do that?

Thanks very much.

I am not too competent with computers,as you can see.

b/w = between
msc = mass storage class
mtp = media transfer protocol

Msc and mtp are settings that can be toggeled on the player itself by going to settings>usb mode. Which ever one is checked is the mode you are using. try searching for your files using both  modes, one after the other.

Same six folders appear.I attempted to go into MTP mode but when I plug it back inot the tower it defaults to MSC mode.

how did you transfer your music? was it all done on the same computer?

a possible alternative is to format your songs and reload it in msc mode, after transferring, verify you can see your files to avoid running into this again. I personaly prefer that over searching and searching for my files. Just makes it convenient so I dont have to fiddle with it everytime i wanna add/delete stuff to the player

I found the cure.

The item is going back to the retailer!

Waaay to difficult and I do not want to invest the time.

Drag. I liked the player when I walk but will go back to the radio.

Thanks very much for your support!