m230 doesn't respond

I have a relatively new m230. I can’t reformat it, delete any songs on it, or add any songs to it. However, it plays the files which it already has. I’ve tried various computer and MTP & MSC. Any advice? Thanks in advance!

Have you studied the instruction videos?

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What computer system do you have,etc?

I am having exactly the same problem. I’ve had the player for a year or two now, and I’ve had these songs on the player for a while. Any compuer will only register the music files as placeholder files… It recognizes that something is there, but gives me no information about it (name, size, etc.). I can’t delete the files nor do I have access to them in any way, and reformatting the player (if it’s working at all) doesn’t delete the files. This is all in MTP mode since I don’t know how to switch to MSC mode. I’ve used two computers with the same result, one with Windows XP and one with Windows Vista. I can still play the songs on the MP3 player normally, but I can’t use the device with the computer in any way (I haven’t tried adding songs since I have no space to add them, which is why I need to delete songs).

I’ve looked through the instructional videos, but only shows me what I’ve already done. Any help would be appreciated.


I finally called Sandisk about the problem. The tech support lady had despicable English and treated me like an idiot, but eventually we got to the point where she gave me an RMA.  From then on, Sandisk was wonderful.  I sent in my m230 and they sent a brand new replacement, with no further questions.  They seem really, really good about returns.  Try it if necessary.:smiley:

Sandisk tends to be really good with returns,

I had an m230 that just flat out wouldn’t start up.

I got on the web chat thing with an RMA agent and they

“quick like a rabbit”

sent me a new one.