I can"t delete

I have music on my m240 that I want to delete. Windows media shows that my player has music on it(the memory is almost full) but it say’s that there is nothing on the device. The player will allow me to add and delete new music but won"t allow me to remove the old songs.


Mine did this yesterday too. To clear the space on it I ended up formatting the thing through ‘My Computer’, right clicking on the device icon and selecting Format.

I don’t know what has gone wrong with it but it isn’t accepting subscription files any more, Napster isn’t recognising it at all and when syncing through WMP, an error occurs when trying to add the subscription files. This was happening before I formatted it, but it was fine until yesterday. It is really irritating me!

What mode are you in? MSC or MTP/Auto Detect?
Did you ever add songs and switch modes?