M240 without enough space for music DB - Cant delete files.


My mp3 player is the m240, and when I turn on the player it shows me following message: “Not enough space for music DB. Please free 8MB”.

The problem is that when I connect it to my PC all I see are strange characters in the filenames, no folders visible and I cant delete or move any of these supposeed files.

What can I do to make it play again?

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What about formating it? We can open my computer and right-click on the device and select format from the drop down menu.

I was hopping that I could recover it without formating it, because I have another computer that I’ve tried just now and I can see the musics in Media Player and I can delete some. I now have 400Mb free and still have the same error.

Can I format it while in MPT mode? I cant reach the menu to change it to MSC.

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yaeh, you can format it in MTP mode. You can through it through my computer or windows media player. check out the how to videosand see what its like.

I still cant format it. What is happening? Is there another way to solve this. What can I do?

probably going to get replaced. Call SanDisk Technical Support 866.SanDisk and verify…