can't delete from m240

I’ve got my m240 plugged in, Windows Media Player 11 open to sync tab, and I the m240 directory displayed along the left column. But … when I click on “songs”, or any other sorting option in the m240 directory I get “there are no files on this device”. There are files on the device, I’ve been using it.:angry:  But I can’t get into the device to delete them.

I tried re-syncing my playlist, but I just get every song twice. I have deleted songs from this thing in the past … but now I can’t seem to even view the songs on my m240, let alone delete them.

What do I do:cry:

Ok, here’s what I did … I “reset all” on my m240 … and now I can see my songs in Media Player.
I guess my m240 was just having a seizure or something:robotsurprised:

Any else experience this?


I have 200-300 megabytes of space on a 1-gig player that’s taken up by items I deleted long ago.  They don’t show up in Windows Media Player or in Windows Explorer, but they’re listed on the player.

Just tried your trick with the Reset All.  No change, unfortunately.


After following the instructions here, I have only 27 ‘ghost’ songs, and I’ve recovered a lot of space.  System info shows that I have 866MB available, out of 969MB total. 

I’ll quote the steps I followed:

  1. Connect in MSC / Rhapsody Mode.
  2. Open My Computer and take note of the drive letter; example; e:/ or f:/
  3. Left click Start then Run: and type in chkdsk x:/f (x being the drive letter that was previously noted). 

My unit connects as drive E:, so I held down the Windows key (the one with the Windows logo, next to the Alt key) and ‘R’ at the same time to bring up the Run window.  Then I typed

    chkdsk e:/f

and pressed Enter.

It took about 5 seconds, displayed some messages about long files names, finished, and closed before I could preserve the messages.

I still have some garbage on my M240, but this is substantial progress.

Personally, I’d just format the thing and start over.

not sure if this can help, but, i plugged my m240 into the computer, went to My Computer, Right mouse click on Sansa m240 icon, then clicked open, from there i got a file called "MUSIC specific storage, i double clicked on that, then entered each folder and deleted what i did not want, everything of mine was deleted except a set playlist i had just downloaded.,heres hoping for you

when i try 2 reset its like 2 lil things u can go on n i dont how 2 reset basically…

i tried all the above techniques and the only one that worked for me was to format the thing.

go to run:


format f: (or whatever drive it is)