m230 won't format


  • got message: not enough space for music DB…etc
  • tried to format in msc mode got message : format unsuccessful
  • tried to format in mcs mode : got format complete message
  • unplugged player form pc got infinite message: format please wait
  • Took out battery and cleared
  • tried all of the above several times
  • stiil get original error

Please help

12 year old daughter upset:cry:


After reading deeper into the forums it appears this is a common problem. Player is under a year old so I guess I’ll get it replaced.

I have an m240 and have had no problems. Yet.

Maybe the higher end models are better?

 I am currently haveing the same problem, although I don’t think I still have waranty. When I format it, neither MTP or MSC will sucessfully finish the formating.