m250 music transfer issues

When I first plugged in my m250 to the usb port it recognized it in MTP mode.  I put a couple albums on there to make sure it worked.  After a little bit I plugged it back in to delete the music and the computer recognized it but there was no way to access the area it was in.  I switched to MSC mode and there it is recognized and I can open it but no music. 

Now when I plug it in in MTP mode, the computer recognizes it but nothing shows up in My Computer.

I would really like to delete that music and put different music on there.  Does anyone know how to do this?

You can connect the player in MTP mode and delete the songs via the music management software you used to put the songs on (you can’t see them when the player is in MSC mode because you didn’t load them in that mode).  Otherwise, you could format the player in MSC mode…