Trouble accessing files on m250

I recently received a new m250 from a friend, who preloaded it with some music before he sent it to me.

When I connect the device to my computer, the computer doesn’t recognize it in MTP mode, and won’t show it in My Computer, but it will when I put it in MSC mode. 

However, when I open the m250 folder, I can’t see any of the music files that were put on it before I received it.  I have no problems playing the files through the player, but I can’t see them through the computer.  As far as I know, the files are MP3 format, and were added by drag-and-drop.

There was a little space left in the m250’s memory, so I added a couple songs to it from my computer.  Following that, I was able to see that a “Music” folder was created, and I could see the files for the songs I added, but still nothing for the files that my friend added.

When I received the device, it was in the MTP mode, so I assume that was the mode it was in when my friend loaded the music.

As a side, I’ve also noticed that the device returns to “on” when I unplug the USB from the computer.  Wasn’t sure if that was normal, as the instructions lack many details.

I’ve read about formatting/reformatting the device (currently FAT), but I believe I’ll lose everything that’s on there.  Have seen some posts with similar issues that suggest a defective device, but being new to this, didn’t want to jump to that conclusion, but I’m getting close.

Here are some of the details:

OS: Win XP, SP2
Windows Media Player: v11.0 (.5721.5230)
m250 firmware: v4.1.08A
m250 format: FAT

Very grateful in advance for any help.  Thanks.

Can’t answer any of the other questions, but I have an M230 that also automatically turns on when I unplug the USB, so I’m pretty sure that’s just SOP.

Thanks, Hocus.

Being as the instructions seem to leave out a lot of details, I wasn’t sure.  It’s not a big deal, but something I have to be aware of, otherwise I’ll go to use it and have a dead battery.

Thanks, again.