sansa m250

I am having difficulty accessing my music files in windows media player.  I am using windows media 11 and operating system xp and m250 is in auto detect mode (mtp).  I have used almost all of the space on my m250 some time ago and it has worked flawlessly.  Problem is there is no problem accessing all files when I use my usb cord and m250 on one computer, but when I go to access the files on my laptop, it only acknowledges files recently added to my computer using a cd (12 songs).  the other 300 songs that I know are on the m250 and in windows media player on my desktop computer don’t show up.

Simply, problem is on my desktop computer (XP and media player 11) when connected using usb cord, all is perfect and functional.  But, when connecting to laptop, only about 12 songs (that were previously saved in media player and on my m250) show in playlist, no other songs are appear and cannot be located.  Have read post and tried everything.  Help!

I have the exact same problem when I plug my m250 into Windows 7.  Some of the recordings show up into Windows 7 and some don’t.  Would really love to have a fix or a work around.