Sansa M250 device shows up in XP but no files are shown

Sansa M250 - device shows 258 songs loaded. These were loaded about a year ago. I just tried to add more mp3 files but the PC shows no files under the Sansa m250 device listing, just a directory - TCNANDO under which there is a subdirectory RECORD. No files in either of these two directories. The m250 screen reads, “USB Connected” and under that, there is a highlighted “MIP”. Also a circle, half filled, half blank.

The device works fine, plays songs great and all other features seem to work ok.

I tried to drag and drop files onto the device listing in “My Computer” but it won’t let me drop the files.

Firmware - 2.2.5A. Battery is good.

Any thoughts/suggestions??? 


Did you ever get a response?

I have a similar problem with my m200.


@fwsturke wrote:

Did you ever get a response?

Do you see one?  :stuck_out_tongue:

Try switching the device form MTP to MSC. MTP is basically a Windows Media technology, designed for MP3 players. MSC basically allows the player to emulate a portable flash drive. Now, here’s the confusing part: FILES ADDED VIA MTP CAN ONLY BE ACCESSED VIA MTP, whereas FILES ADDED VIA MSC CAN ONLY BE ADDED VIA MSC. So, you will need to switch to the mode which was originally used to add the files on the device.

Just hit the menu button -> Settings -> USB and switch from “auto detect” to “MSC”. Hopefully, that will solve your problem.

I bought a brand new mini laptop and I’m now experiencing the similar problems.

I’ve done everything except formatting mp3 player (I don’t wanna loose my files).

I guess I have to look for other “more user friendly” mp3 players…

I don’t have any problems with my IBM T42 but when I try to make M250 work with my Acer Aspire One, it doesn’t show that TCNANDO (or whatever it’s called) folder. The explorer will go straight to the folders “Audible”, “Config” and “Record” and announce that each’n’every of the aforementioned folders are empty. Still it shows that the memory capacity is almost full. Strange indeed. Either I’m stupid or then there are some differencies between Windows XPs of my IBM and Acer???

And once again I’m editing my message since I found a “remedy” for my problem and would like to share it here:

there was another website (don’t remember the name right now) and there it was suggested that one should download MTP device plugin from Windows website. After I downloaded and installed it, the system told me that I should upgrade my Windows Media Player and did it almost automatically. I just had to accept some things and that’s it. After that that TCNANDO (or whatever) folder were shown in Windows Explorer and I could see the songs which were uploaded to M250! Try it!

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