Sansa Problems

When I plug my Sansa c250 into my computer through the USB, it identifies it, but does not show any of my mp3 players.  It has worked on other computers but not this one.  I am using Windows XP.  The folders it shows are: SYSTEM and tmp.  They are populated by I believe software to run the mp3, but my mp3 are no where to be found.  Thank you for any help provided.

i would suggest format firmware update and reload the files. ■■■■■ i know but fixes almost everything.

Seems that is a problem with the MTPXMSC modes between the computers. You sholud try reloading your mp3 in MSC and check at the other pc’s if they see those files! This pc you’re not seeing th files must be a diferent OS form the others! Are all of them Windows XP with Windows Media Player 10 or higher? It’s the configuration your player needs to run in the MTP mode (Settings=> USB=> Auto detect is marked). If you use MSC all the computers should see the files… Sorry for the bad english. This is always discussed here. You could search for other topics about MSC X MTP too. Good Luck. Oh! You could try unhiding the hidden files!

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