no files in explorer

i have a sansa e250 that ive used fine on my computer before, i recently wiped my computer to its factory settings and now i cant get my sansa to show files.

i have the firmware update and have the player set to MSC USB mode so i can create playlists through the drag n drop method.

problem is when i open the player in explorer all the folders are there but appear empty.

my computers set to show hidden files but still no music.

i have over 100 music files on my player so i dont want to format it and lose it all.

Were those files maybe orignally transferred in MTP mode? Your computer won’t be able to see them while connected in MSC mode if they were. Trying switching to MTP on the player and reconnecting and see if they show up. If so, you can copy them for back-up (which you should already have anyways) to your computer.

Also, if you reverted your computer to Windows XP, it only has Windows Media Player 9. You need to update to Windows Media Player 10 or 11 (via ) to access MTP mode. The drivers are in WMP.

i have media player 11 but ive always used MSC mode so i can drag n drop files and make playlists from there

Do the songs still play on the unit? 

Try switching modes anyway.

And doublecheck that you definitely have Windows set to show hidden files and folders. Uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types” and “Hide protected operating system files.” 

It just doesn’t make sense that you can see the folders but not the files unless the individual files were somehow set to be hidden.

 You could also try hooking up to someone else’s computer, back up the files, and start again in MSC.