Songs on SD not showing up in Folder


So when the clip zip screen pops up when I connect the player to my computer, I click on  the “Browse Files” shortcut. Normally it allows me to see the files on it. But now all of a sudden it shows “0 songs” when I click on the MicroSD card. When I look in Windows Media Player, its the exact same thing. It says “There are no files on this device”…even though I have plenty. 

The songs are still on there, I played and listened to songs from my SD card. But they won’t show up for me to delete them on the computer. Any possible way to fix this?

Are you using the Sansa firmware or Rockbox?


It just happened a few days ago. I was able to see all the music folders earlier this week, then 2 or 3 days ago I went to delete something but nothing showed up. 

2 things:

1.) Are they visible when using the database data/display on the player, and not Folders?

2.) Depending on the USB mode you are using to connect and transfer music to the player, you computer may not be able to ‘see’ them, leading to your confusion. If it is set to Auto, the player can connect in either MTP or MSC mode at will. Why is this important? Because your computer can only see files while connected in the same mode as when it was when those files were originally transferred. In other words, if those files were transferred in MTP mode for example and the player is now connecting in MSC, your computer won’t be able to see those files. The reverse is also true; if transferred in MSC mode and now connected in MTP mode, they are invisible to your computer.

Try switching USB Mode (in Settings > System Settings), connect and see if those ‘missing’ files are now visible. If not, disconnect, switch to the other mode, re-connect and look again.

In short . . . NEVER use Auto Defect mode. It’s nick-name (originated here) is indicative of why. :wink:

  1. Yes the songs are visible with the normal database.

  2. Ah, it was on Auto Detect, didn’t even know. Although I’ve been using it for a few years and this never happened before. Switched to MTP and it did nothing, MSC however “installed device driver” again like the first time you plug something in and it shows the music on the card now, in a different formate than normal, but at least it shows them. And for some reason it calls the player “SANSA CLIPZ” now as well. 

Although now it no longer shows the songs I previously added onto the Clip Zip storage…whatever though, I’ll deal and switch back and forth I guess.

Also keeps going to that long “Refreshing your media” after I turn it on now the past few times. I’ll keep an eye on that to see if it keeps happening. 

Format your player and re-load everything in MSC mode. This will end your confusion and the inconvenience of switching USB modes back & forth. You only need MTP mode if using ‘protected’ content like Rhapsody or ‘borrowed’ audio books from your library. Otherwise, you’re better off not using it at all.

If it’s hanging on “Refreshing your media” it means there’s an ID3 tag (or several) that it cannot read. Download MP3Tag (a free program) and set the Settings in Tools to these settings. Open up your Music folder (on the player) in the program and re-save all to the correct tag format (ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1).