Folders do not show in Windows Explorer

To the Music folder of my new Sansa Clip I copied two folders with many songs each. They played OK, but then strange music interfered during playback. I found, in the unit, that there were built-in songs which came with the unit. I then connected the unit to the PC and found (in the Music folder in Windows Explorer) that these unwanted songs did not show.

Then (after reading your FAQ) I tried the three modes (autodetect, MTP, MSC) and here is what I found:

In autodetect: I see four folders that came with the unit (Alias & Ehren, Jones Gang, etc), but NOT my folders.

In MTP: Same as above.

In MSC: I see MY Folders, but I don’t see the built-in folders.

Note: “Show hidden files” is enabled.

Question: If, being in autodetect or MTP mode I erase these four unwanted folders, the Music folder will show empty. Will MY folders still be there? If they do not show but are there, what should I do to see them in Windows Explorer?

Thank you in advance,


You’ve discovered one of the little quirks of the different USB modes: files copied in one mode can’t be seen by your PC when connected in the other mode (there’s really only two modes, MTP and MSC. “Auto-detect” (or auto-de f ect, as some call it) just defaults to MTP, and reverts to MSC if MTP fails), but your player can see all files transferred in either mode. This is completely normal. You must have copied your files in MSC mode. You can delete only the files you choose without affecting other files, regardless of mode.

Thank you, Prof. A very clear answer. I have a further question:

After I erased the unwanted folders in MTP mode, I want to see my own folders, but, as you explained, they are not shown in this mode.

OTH, I don’t want to switch permanently to MSC mode, where I can see them, because I want the device to start always as an Audio Device (not as Removable Media) when I connect it to the PC.

How can I transfer the files frome the MSC mode to the MTP mode? One way could be to delete them in MSC mode, and copy them again while in MTP mode, but this is rather cumbersome.

Thank you again,