MSC AND MTP transfer problem


I just seeked all around this forum and i can’t find solution to my problem. I just erased everything from my sansa e260 4GB mp3 player (V.1) with Windows Media Player and it now doesn’t work anymore. I can’t transfer anything on it with WMP. I then tried to upgrade the software and succesfully did it after having a “Load main screen” problem.

Now, my computer sees it and all, but when i try to transfer music from WMP, it writes error again. I then try to do it on MSC mode and i find the music file in the hidden files. I try to transfer things in it but my player doesn’t see them. Anyone can help me? Need my music to live :P.

(Running windows XP sp3, my WMP V.11 and my player is V01.02.24A) 



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Why not just leave WMP out of the picture altogether? You don’t need it. In MSC mode (yes, the Music file is hidden; you have to tell windows to ‘show hidden files & folders’), you can simply highlght the files/folders you wish to transfer, and drag & drop them to the Music folder on your player. That’s the way you HAVE to do it to put music on an external memory card with the v1 players (as you have), so it’s really no big deal (and you might as well get in the practice) to load them that way on the player’s internal memory.

It’s probably better because if you get a memory card and have to load the songs onto it via MSC mode, and you’ve WMP’d out with MTP mode & stinking syncing on the internal memory, you won’t be able to see all your music when hooked up to the computer. It can only see what was loaded while connected in that mode. :wink:

Yeah, i know, that’s what i tryed to do but there’s already files in my “Music” file but my player don’t see any file i put on it. When i turn it on, it says “No file”…

Don’t know what to do… Is there any way to reformat (Delete EVERYTHING) on my player?

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Formatting the v1 model

WOW THANKS!! finaly worked, thank you very much guys, appreciate. And by the way, no more MTP, only MSC :stuck_out_tongue:


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M ode of S ansa Champions!