How to access songs transfered using MTP on MSC mode

eurika! i can access my song transfered tru MTP on MSC mode!
try this… it might be just my computer…

post if you experience the same thing.

  1. format the player to make sure there’s no other songs  transfered thru MSC
  2. transfer a playlist to the player using MTP mode
  3. unplug the player and which to MSC mode
  4. plug the player back to the computer
  5. go to run and type ‘cmd’
  6. type ‘x:’ (where x is the drive letter of your mp3 player) press enter
  7. type ‘attrib /s /d -s -h -r’ (this will set the attribute of all the files and folders so you will be able to view it)
  8. open the ‘music’ folder in you player and look if you are able to see the songs transfered thru MTP

You can also access your MTP music in MSC mode through your ‘System’ Folder if you ‘Show Hidden Files and Folders’.  See if that works for you as well.