m240 problem

I put in the disk on my laptop and did everything, but when I put the USB in and the thing is attached, it has 3 folders, and all are empty; “Audible”, “Record”, and another one that I forgot, but on my PC, my Dad’s PC and my mother’s PC, It works, and it shows either “Data” and “Media” or “Tcnnando”.

does anyone have an idea on how to fix it?

Its not broken. You are just experience the switch from MTP to MSC. On your laptop its being read as MSC and on the other computers its being read as AutoDetect/MTP.

If you go to settings on the player, then to USB MODE (or something along those lines), you can change it to msc. Once you do that, anywhere you plug it in will show the Audible, record and that other folder.

You can create a music folder yourself and drag and drop your music, or open up windows media player and sync it through there.

But I already have songs on there, I want to get the songs from my player to the laptop.

alright, so theres 2 options.

A. troubleshoot the player on the laptop so it can read MTP/Autodetect mode
B. Save all your songs on one of the other computers, format the player, and re-transfer everything in msc mode.

B is proabably the easier and less time-consuming of the two. So just back up ALL your music on one of the computers, format the player(right-click on it and select format from the drop down menu). Disconnect it after formatting and change the player to MSC mode. Then transfer all your files back onto it however you like. You should now be able to go on the laptop and see all the files.

Thanks. I’m gonna do B first, considering I already have them backed up.