Sansa m250 - I'm not able to delete files or format device


I’m having some serious problems with my Sansa m250.

  1. I have some 200 songs on my player; even though I can delete them in Windows Explorer, after I unplug the device and turn it on, all the files are still there…

  2. When I try to format it, Windows says: “Windows was unable to complete the format”, and the files are stuck there; none have the ‘read-only’ flag set

  3. The start-up time of the player is absolutely horrible, it takes it about 3 - 4 minutes to start. Why? There aren’t so many songs.

  4. Firmware update not available. It’s 3.2.8 I think

  5. All this is in MSC format…

:angry: So, the main problem is: I can see the files being deleted, I copy new ones, and when I start the player, the old files are still there and no sign of the new ones. What can I do to completely reset the device and erase all its contents?

PS: I’ve read a lot about Sansa mp3 players having software problems. This is what I don’t get: why such good players have such bad software?
Please help

Thank you

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try to format the player in auto detect through Windows media player and if that fails, through msc mode by my computer

should fix the issue for ya.

It doesn’t work. I already wrote in the first post that formatting fails. Windows simply says it was unable to complete the format. What to do?