Unable to delete or format the Sansa m240


I have been using Sansa m240 for past 8 months, now its not playing music and not able to delete the media / format. Pls help me on this.



What happen and what appears on your MP3 player screen when you turn it on? you can try to put it on MSC and try to format it in your computer once it is detected in you computer kindly follow the steps below;

Sansa m200
1. Turn device OFF.
2. Facing the hold switch slide it to the right so an orange color would show putting the device on Hold.
3. Connect the device to the PC.

Hope this helps.  :wink:

When I connect my Sansa m240 to the computer, it appears ‘USB Connected’ (MSC). In Windows Wxplorer, it appears Removabale disk, but no files under that, but it shows the size as 973mb and remaining 18 mb !!

I have tried what suggested, it doesn’t work. Pls help me.



Did you receive any error when you format the player? If not kindly try it on a different computer and if same thing happen contact Sandisk hotline and you can have it replaced if it is still under warranty. :wink: