m240 question

When I turn on my mp3 player, it stops at the  “SANSA  m240 1.0 GB”  screen and goes no further,  What can I do?

try putting the hold switch to ON then plug the device to the PC, see if it detects it, if it does, download the latest firmware… hopefully this would solve it. if not, RMAing would be your next step.

Try to remove the battery for 5 minutes and press and hold the menu button for 30 seconds also switch the hold button and connect to PC. If it connects try formating from Disk Management in FAT32 file system. Also try updating the Firmware.

If none of that works, you are probably going to have to end up contacting SanDisk Technical Support @ 1.866.SanDisk 7am-1am Eastern time. Please note the firmware version as it appears on the screen when it says Sansa if at all possible.

Well, I called the support number and they walked me through some things.  When none of those things worked they advised me that they would have to delete all the files and would try something else.  To make sure I heard the lady that spoke little English, I asked if she stated that all the files would have to be deleted and she responded yes.  I spent several hours and some change downloading this stuff for my ten year old only to tell her that the lady that spoke little English MIGHT be able to fit it.  My daughter asked if we could get more songs and the lady that spoke little English stated that we would be charged for those songs again. 

Any suggestions?   

Assuming you have the songs that are on the player saved on your computer, you should be fine.

Where did you spend those 10 hours downloading the songs from? Sounds like you paid a dollar per song, but cant be too sure.

Usually when you purchase a song for a dollar, you have a certain amount of times you can transfer it to a portable device. But again, all depends where you got it from.

You should be able to just load it on the new one sandisk sends you, once you get that one replaced.

my sansa m240 mp3 player shows no files found still about 3/4 of the space

is  occupied by music.

what shall i do?

You can format it like the how to videos explain, if it tells you “format  cannot complete”, your gonna end up calling technical support. I haven’t been able to fix that one myself.