Sansa™ m240 problem!!

I was originally using my m240 for a project, and I ejected the m240 and pulled out the USB cord. Then, when I wanted to use it again, I turned it on, but it displayed “Updating Music Library.” I waited for 40 minutes but nothing happened! What should I do?

well the first and most common thing, take the battery out and replace it in the player, preferably a new battery. If that doesn’t work, try formatting it on the computer and re-loading your music.

I tried using a new battery, but it doesn’t work. when I tried to format it, it just didn’t appear.

it doesnt appear in “my computer”? what does it say on the screen of the player, or device manager?

It doesn’t say anything. If I just plug it in, nothing happens. If I attempt to turn it on while it is connected,it doesn’t turn on. If I turn it orn and plug it in at any stage, nothing happens.

then get it replaced if its under a year old. sounds pretty defective.