Sansa M240 wont play Music

Can anyone help me.

I have the above MP3 player, and am a novice, I was listening to music when the machine stopped and turned itself off.

When I turn it on it goes to the first screen showing the Model and the GB but it wont play music.

Have I hit a wrong button or is it broken.


Mine did the same thing this weekend and still isn’t working. 


I turned it on the other day and only the “Sandisk” and “sansa” screens started.  To turn it off I had to take the battery out or hold down the power button for 10 seconds. 


I replaced the battery and still no luck.  I hope it isn’t broken. 


Any suggestions anyone?

in my experience, the m200s i read about that do this are usually defective. is it less then a year old? if it is, you can get it replaced by sandisk.

So what if it is older that one year?  My daughter (15) bought one with here own money on 12-30-06 and now in the past month it is doing what is listed here.  She doesn’t use it as that often, but likes to take it on trips with the family and school.  I tried calling Sandisk and they pretty much said that we are out of luck.  I Googled “Sansa m240 Recalls” and one link said that there was a bad batch of them in December of '06.  Can anything be done?  My daughter is not very happy and I am not either.  If she buys another MP3 player I can almost guarantee that se will not buy a Sandisk.

it looks like you and her are gonna be unhappy people with new mp3 players than.

Just my 2 cents again,

But just because she bought it with her own money doesnt make it more valuable, she’s learning the value of a dollar (just like the rest of us) and if she used her X dollar mp3 player for a year without any complaints, then she get her X dollars out of it. But again, thats just my opinion.

For reference, most players have a limited warranty(1 year usually), and theres nothing stopping something like this from happening in the future.

It just seems like a sad thing, that we cannot rely on products to last more than a year.  And as far as us being unhappy people, we will be unhappy people that are relating this to all of our family and friends telling them not to buy SanDisk products because the will fail and not be replaced.  Just my 2 cents!!! :cry:

Lol, of course they wont replace it. Its out of warranty. What company does replace all fo there products when users are out of warranty? (so I can keep buying that stuff instead)

You feel you  had a bad experience with one product. It happens. C’est la vie my friend.

In regards to it being sad that we cannot rely on the product more then a year, thats what a warranty is for. If they wanted us to rely on it for more then a year, then it would be a X year warranty instead of 1. We know what we are getting into as consumers as soon as we buy the product.

If you visit any companies forum (like this one) you will find people who say they are never going to buy another companies product again and blah blah. It almost seems like it weighs itself out in the long run, its not like SanDisk is dying for money or in fear of going bankrupt.

I have only purchased my Sansa a few months ago, so I haven’t seen this specific error. On the other hand, I only paid $10 (from for mine, so lasting over a year will be golden. With my last device, (re)applying the firmware upgrade would often resolve these issues of failed boots. As I said, this is my first Sansa, so who knows if this will help you.

We unfortunately live in a disposable culture. Tech is designed to be quick, cheap and replaced regularly. You will find this very common in the MP3 market space. Apple is notorious for this, with their $$$ products (more so). People who bought the iPhone when it first came out, saw a 30% price decrease in first 3 months. That’s a BUNCH of money on a $600 product.

It’s junk just like mine.  Sorry.

Same thing happened to me.  Their players are junk.

Sounds like you are out of luck.  You now own a piece of junk.

was the 3 post, stating pretty much the same thing, really necessary?

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Was Sandisk producing a defective player really necessary?

scamdisk wrote:
Was Sandisk producing a defective player really necessary?

Lol. touche.

But can you really hold something like that against a company. They cant gaurantee a product forever. Hence the warranties for X amount of time. Sure, things fail. Such is the life of electronics. My psp stopped turning on one day when i was 2 months out of warranty, I’m not gonna ban sony products for the rest of my life.

again, im not trying to defend here, merely trying to approach this with an open mind.

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