My Sansa 2GB player has suddenly become a 0.175 GB player

SanDisk Sansa m250 2 GB MP3 Player (Black)"

I bought the above player from Amazon for $30, and it seemed to work okay for about 3 weeks when suddenly it decided that it would no longer be a 2 giga player but only accept about 177 mb of albums.  I have deleted all music files and restored everything to default settings but it’s a no go.  Can anyone help me before I just send this thing back?  


Try formatting the device.  You can search this forum for instructions.  I do it in Windows Media Player.

Yes, after calling support I learned that the cause was (probably) a corrupted file and the solution was to reformat. There is a trick where you have to go to settings first (without the player being connected, yet!) to the computer and set it MSC. Then connect to the computer and use either My computer (or perhaps media player) and reformat the hard drive. Then go back to settings and reset the USB setting to Auto Detect.

Of course you lose the stuff that’s on your disc, but presumably those albums/books exist on your computer anyway.