Need Help!!! Can't put files on and off my c240

    Hallo guys I’ve got a big problem with my Sansa C240. I wanted to add new mp3’s on my player / Copied the files on the C240 / But after the disconnect from the PC the files are not longer on the player! Everytime i get connected the same files are on the player, no matter if i added new ones or deleted the ones which were already on the player. I hope you can help me! Thank You for now, and please excuse my broken Englisch,

What file type are they?  What USB mode is your Sansa set on?

I’m having the same exact problem…it’s so frustrating…Any ideas yet?

USB Mode is MSC! I can’t transfer any files!

I can delete Files and Format the player but when I turn it off and afterwards on the deleted Files are on the player again!!!
Please help me!!

You might have to do the sansa.fmt in recovery mode.