Problem with Sansa C240

Hello ppl!

My Girlfriend bought a Sansa C240 1Gb MP3-Player. We both read the manual and then we got to work to charge the battery and load it up with music.

But now the problem occured. In The manual it says that when you connect the player with the USB-cable to the computer it should show up as an “Extra Disk” in the file explorer window, but here’s the problem… it doesn’t! We get a list of 3 options.

1: Manage player with Winamp
2: Manage with Windows Media Player
3: Do nothing

We tried to load MP3’s using both Winamp & WMP but none of them work!! We want to just use explorer and drag & drop the files onto the player but can’t do that due to windows not identifying the player

What should we do? Any tips?

You need it in MSC mode to get it work as a drive in my computer.

i have the same problem but i dont have the usb menu in setting mode

Thanks guys! I solved the problem :slight_smile: thank you very much :slight_smile:

how change MSC mode if the USB menu didnt exist. i have a 1gb and is working fine and i have a 2gb and he is never work. the usb menu to change MSC mode did not exist…