Strange Problem

I recently had to format my OS’s hard drive, and when I plugged in my c250, it came up as a USB Mass Storage device, before, it would say Sansa c250, different icon and everything, at first I thought nothing of it until I starting loading it up. I use Winamp to connent to the device, and I have never had a problem until now. In Winamp, it doesn’t say Sansa c250 anymore, it says USB H:
so I loaded some things and when I later played in my car, all the tags were messed up. For example, Radiohead’s new album comes up as Unknown Artists and such, before I have to format my HD i never had this problem, and some of the song titles are getting messed up.

Another “sympton” is that while Winamp is writing songs on the MP3 player. My Sansa doesn’t say “Writing” and when winamp is done, I unplugged the device, and it then says “refreshing database” which I have never seen before.

It’s all minor things becuase I can still load and play the device. but to me it’s annoying. It seems my computer doesn’t reconize it to a point. And I’ve tried updating the Firmware and it’s still doing this. Can anyone suggest how to get things back to normal for me?


How does it show up in my computer? Maybe you can just rename the removable drive to sansa c250 to get winamp to read it that way. I dont know what it could be thats doing that to your tags though.

are the songs that are getting messed up related at all? like on the same album, etc.

It sounds like you lost MTP support and now your Sansa is defaulting into MSC mode. this would explain the change from sansa player to USB H: I’m not sure why this would mess up your id3 tags though. Oh when your in MSC mode and you disconnect after you’ve deleted or added a file will show up as refreshing database and then restart the player. Make sure that you have WMP11 reinstalled and possibly the mtp root kit from microsoft.