Sansa C250 & SMC.

I have a Sansa C250 & I also bought a Kingston 2gb MicroSD card with an SD Adapter.
I have a couple of problems.

  1. Sansa Media Converter doesn’t detect the MicroSD card at all. It says no device.
  2. If I put mp3 files on the MicroSD manually via my card reader the sansa c250 won’t read the id3 tags
    and will show all the files on the microsd as unknown artist - unknown album, etc.

To say the least I’m pretty dissapointed. However, I’m sure this can be fixed?

go ahead and try right click ing the file u transferred select properties,select the summary tab and click on advanced make sure the songs are just not renamed and the actual id3 tag is filled

I did what you said and yeah the id3 tags were fine.
Oh well, I  just used Winamp and it noticed the c250 & expansion card and I transferred files to the card within Winamp and the id3 tags are fine now. There is nothing Winamp can’t do :stuck_out_tongue: