Some tags don't work (+ other problems)

I have a problem with my Sansa c250. I tagged all my files with MP3Tag (album, title and artist), and the player reads most of the tags correctly, meaning the songs appear in the list with their title. However, some songs appear as artist-title.mp3, which is the filename. I can’t find the solution to this problem, because all songs are tagged correctly. Does anyone know what this could mean? The version I’m using is 01.00.04E.

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What software are you using to sync songs to the player?  I’ve found that sometimes even with everything tagged right, it hasn’t shown up right on the player (especially Windows Media Player).  If I’ve gone in and tagged again (got insistant with it) then it will show up correctly.  If you are dragging and dropping in MSC mode, I think it is more likely you’re going to end up with filenames.

Thanks for replying. This reminds me of another big problem. I don’t have the MTP mode in my options menu, just MSC and auto detect. I wanted to upgrade the firmware, but I’ve seen the warnings in the other threads. What can I do? I’m stuck in MSC mode, and have to transfer my files to the player via Windows Explorer… and this may cause the tag error. I don’t have FM mode on my player, either… could it be that my player doesn’t support FM mode at all, or can I fix this? And what can I do to solve the USB problem?

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Auto Detect is MTP mode.  (This really should be clearer, I think.)  This is the mode to use for Windows Media Player and other syncing programs.  Go into Settings and scroll to System Info and look at what version firmware you do have.  With a c250, you should have FM radio (I think all models come with it in the US.)  In another thread, someone has a link to other firmware and instructions for resetting, but it is an “at your own risk” sort of deal.  If your firmware is incorrect, this could have killed your radio.

I have found that even in Auto Detect (MTP) mode, if you open your device through My Computer, you can drag and drop just fine.  Windows insists on telling my that the file “has one or more properties outside device limits…” and I should use a conversion program or it won’t be displayed in the device interface, but it’s lying.  It works just fine.

But for your purposes, if you want to use Windows Media Player, switch to Auto Detect and you’re in MTP mode and ready to go.

Okay, I have solved the MTP problem, thank you so much!! I finally managed to delete the photos and songs which came with the player, too, because Windows Explorer didn’t show them, but WMP did.
I still have the firmware which came with the player, it’s 1.00.04E. Do you think this default firmware might be incorrect?

no, you just have a later version of firmware than some people on these forums (like me) and not quite the latest version that everyone is complaining about (1.00.05).  The E tells me you’re probably in Europe? 

However, don’t worry about.  Latest moderator posting tells me Sansa has reverted to an earlier version of the firmware.  If you are having no other problems and have both MSC and Auto Detect, you should be fine!

Yes, I’m in Germany. Okay, I won’t worry about it, then… thanks for helping me!!

The new firmware that is having problems is the 01.01.05 and not the 01.00.05.

Anyway sandisk has reverted back to the 01.01.00 version that retains the MSC funtion.

snowangel  your firmware 01.00.04E is the old one. This version has the problem of displaying some tags which appear as artist-title.mp3.

I know, as I have incorrectly reverted my 01.01.05 to 01.00.04 version.

After updating to the current reverted 01.01.00 version, all my tags are displayed properly now.

This version retain the MSC funtion as well. Yeh !!!

To add files through Windows Explorer use the MSC mode.

To use WMP to syn and transfer files, you have to use the auto-detect (MTP) mode.

At least now there is a choice as to how you want to use the player. Thumbs up to sandisk for hearing us, the end-user !!!

Yes, sparq, you’re quite correct, snowangel is using an older firmware.  (that’s what I get for late-night typing…)  snowangel could SAFELY upgrade now that the upgrade would be to 01.01.00E and not the 01.01.05.  I was hesitant to tell snowangel to update when it was the .05 version out there and everyone was having problems with it…  (My first message to was prior to the “rollback”)  Now that Sansa has rolled back to the 01.01.00, snowangel could connect in MSC mode, update the firmware and have no further problems with the tags.