Can't find songs on my c250

I’ve been uploading 3 CDs in my new Sansa c250. I can see them stored in the music folder just fine; but when I disconnected the mp3 player from the computer, and try to listen to the songs. it says there’s no song in there. What am I doing wrong?

Did you use a program like Media Monkey or Windows Media Player 11 ?

Or did you just copy the files on to the C250 ?

If you just copied the files, try using MM or WMP11 to ‘synchronize’ your files.

Your MP3 files.

Thanks for the reply…

I just copied the files from my PC drive into the c250. Will I not have to be in MSC mode to synchronize the files? There’s no way for me to set my player to MSC mode, despite the manual saying the option is there. When I go in Settings there’s no USB options.

It’s there, 2nd to the last option,
‘format’ is the last option listed.
Just set the USB option to Auto detect.

It should be in Auto detect anyway, so it may be a good thing you can’t find it.

I see from your “Sansa Updater problem?” topic that you updated your firmware, so that may have something to do with your problem.

Anyway, Auto detect then using Media Monkey ‘auto-synchronize’ (after you have configured MM to work with your C250). If you are not sure how it’s configured, read this:

and see what items are checked.

Anything to do with your C250, music files, playlist(s) should be checked.

You also might want to read this:

don’t forget page 2 for the above link.

Thank you for the help. It works like a charm now!

i am having the same problem  (c250 shows ‘no songs’ after loading them) however i’m using wmp 9 update doesn’t seem to want to complete gets to 31% and stops. never heard of MM. nor do i want to. I have the .05 firmware so no usb option. says default is mtp so i cant see c250 as another drive so i gotta use wmp to upload. what can i do?

Look at the top of this forum on how to change the USB mode with .05 firmware

As far as Media Monkey… It is a great piece of software (They have a free version) If you can not get WMP 10 or 11 to install look into it…

What I love most about Media Monkey is I can create my playlist and no matter what source my music is in… FLAC MP3 (320bit) whatever it will trans-code it to what I ask it to (setup the device to say convert everything to MP3 192bit CBR (orVBR) ) and transfer the music to the player on the Fly.

So most of my music is in FLAC format (Lossless) and when I sync it to my Player poof they become 192bit MP3’s with everything intact…
All I do is send each song to my playlist then sync the playlist.  They have a great forum for help and the designers are more in touch with the users than Microsoft is…
Brilliant piece of software…

I’d advise against updating to WMP11 as it doesn’t seem to support this mp3 player. When I had WMP10, it could see my mp3 player. But since I updated to 11, I get a message saying WMP doesn’t support the mp3 player connected, then tell me to take a look at their list of supported MP3 players, which doesn’t include this one.

im 100% positive thats wrong Zion, theres something wrong with your installation. Try rolling back to 10 and then back to 11 (if you care to that is)