Cannot see c250 songs in WMP11



I am havig trouble with my sansa c250. Since I updated its firmware I no longer can see my songs in Windows Media Player 11. When I go to the syncronize mode of WMP 11, I cannot see the songs. However, I can see the disk space of c250, but the songs are unavailable. I also cannot see the songs in Windows Explorer, only some folders with a lot of files witch I belive that corresponds to the songs.


I have already change the USB settings of c250 to MSC mode but the results is the same when in automatic mode. I have also formated my computer, and the problem is still the same.


Is it possible to retur to my old firmware ?? Or what Should I do.



Did you format your computer or the player?  You should try to format the player (in MSC mode through Disk Management) and reload the music on the device through Windows Media Player.  Before you reload the music through Windows Media Player change the c250’s mode back to Automatic.