Problem: Computer won't see the MUSIC folder content - c250 v2


Im running debian operating system on my computer.

when i connect my Sansa c250 v2 to it, it recognizes it as a removable media, it even tells the total space and the used space (1.1/1.9 Gb ) but when i try to open some folder- music, photos, etc - all empty.

Looking through the web i saw 2 explenations:

1)the music is protected so you can’t just transfer from computer to comupter. which is untrue. i can see all music from all computers that running windows, so it’s definetly not protected.

2)that it has to be on MSC mode. to lock it ( transfer to hold ) and then hold the previous button while connecting. the device realizes it’s connected, it says: “connected”, but still, the music folder is empty.

how can i fix this? i really want to access my music.



Here is the solution :wink:

Changing the mod - im not sure i got how to do this on my player, wasn’t on the list( ) but i think it doesn’t work.

made file manager to show hidden files: still doesn’t work,

and i don’t want to format it anyways so…

still stuck :S

I am not sure if Debian OS can recognized MTP devices. More likely the songs on your Sansa where transferred under MTP mode and now when you connect your Sansa to your Debian PC it only recognizes it as MSC (Mass storage) not allowing you to see the songs which were transferred under MTP mode.