1) Songs cut, skips, screeching 2) Playlist

I’d appreciate some help with two issues.

  1. When in playback, some songs on my c250 are cut off (after ‘x’ amount of time), some songs “skip” (like bumping into a record player) and there is an occasional “screech” sound. I have to keep a pen and paper with me to write down a list of which songs I’ll have to re-synch to my player, else out of 276 songs I’ll never remember. It’s becoming a hassle and greatly reduces my listening pleasure.

Songs are synched via WMP 11 (XP, sp2) and are from CD rips and music downloads. Each and every song plays perfectly on CD, on my desktop and on my laptop. Each song also played perfectly on my previous mp3 player. Some songs play great on the c250 for a while, then later begin skipping for some unknown reason.

  1. If #1 can’t be resolved, I’ll reformat as an ultimate last ditch effort. Before reformatting, I’d like to have a list of my songs so I can find them on my PC to synch back to the c250 later. When in MTP I see Sansa listed in Explorer and can traverse all it’s subdirectories if needed (via WMP as well), but the directory won’t show up when trying to use a file lister program (a program to create a playlist or HTML file listing each file). When in MSC, Sansa is listed as drive F, but zero files are found on the device.

What would be the best way to create a list of files located on the device before formatting?

Thanks in advance

In my already-formatted c250 in MSC, I see several folders on the drive, one named “Music”.  That’s where I am putting songs.  It sounds like your directory lister program is trying to access the player memory itself (as a drive) and not succeeding.  Seems to me that Karen at karenware.com wrote a directory lister.  You could try that one - haven’t tried it myself.  They’re out there, though.


i can’t answer no. 1.

The reason why your file lister program can’t create the list of your songs in your player on MTP mode is because the lister proggy is not engineered to read MTP devices.

Thank you. I’ll download all my music files from the Sansa onto my PC and create my list from that local folder. I’ll re-synch after reformatting. Hopefully things will sound better, but I’m still open to any answers for the skipping, cutting and screeching problems I’ve mentioned as well. :smiley: