song skipping

From time to time my c250 skips to the next “song”.  It plays a few seconds, then skips again.  This happens randomly, but since my “songs” are book chapters an hour long, it’s very vexing.  This happens once out of perhaps fifty on/off events.  Generally, when I restart the device I go right back to where I left off.  Any suggestions.

I have no idea what firmware my device has (how do you find out?), and I’ve never updated, since I don’t know how to.  Can this be part of the problem?

well, sandisk has newer firmware available for download - IF you have never updated it before.  Click downloads at the bottom of the page, and the name is sansa firmware updater.  just install that and let it do its thang!!!

From the main menu, go to “settings”. Then from the “settings” menu go to “system info”. You should see a bunch of stuff displayed and the first line should be “version”. This is your firmware version.