skipping songs

I have a sansa m230 and it will not play the song in order when it is on play. if it is on pause it will search thru them in order but as soon as you press play and try to go to the next song it skips to sme other number. I have tried checking to see if it was on shuffle or repeat and it is not. it is set to play all. i really like this player and would like to fix this issue. would it be smart to try new firmware? i am afraid of ruining it so would like some suggestions before trying that please help

Once, I had an issue like this on my (newer) Sansa Fuze. It said that all of my songs were exactly 0 seconds long. My Fuze was skipping songs so quickly, that it lagged to the point where I could barely navigate through my menus. I resolved this by reformatting my Fuze, and then copying all of my songs back onto the device (I always keep a backup of my songs on my computer).

Check to see if your songs are like that. They may have been corrupted somehow. Also, see if they play on your computer. If your computer plays them fine, then you should try reformatting. If all else fails, than try new firmware, and see what happens. Personally, if I were you, I would have installed new firmware from the beginning. I always update the firmware for my Fuze, as soon as I become aware of the new updates. I have even started keeping copies of all the firmware versions on my computer. There was only one time I had a problem where the new firmware wasn’t installed correctly, but after clicking around on the internet for about ten minuets, I found the answer to my problem. The only major risk to my knowledge is this one.

However (in theory) this problem shouldn’t plague everyone. If it does affect you, the link posted above will show you a solution. Just be careful, as taking an MP3 player apart can be risky. You could damage parts of the MP3 player permanently. This is especially true when removing the memory chip. However, I had to do this once, to solve an unrelated problem with my m240 (it would show the splash screen, then restart, then show the splash screen, then restart…). Hence, if I can do it, so can you (hopefully).