Several Questions

Hi, I just purchased a Sansa c250 player today, and I am having several problems.  To start with, I am unable to make a playlist.  I do not have windows media player, so I cannot use it to make a list with.  I currently use VLC for my player.  I have made a number of play lists, but none of them show up.  Secondly, I am trying to delete the annoying pictures and songs that came with the player, as I do not care for any of the songs, but have been so far unable to locate them.  I am currently using Windows 2000, and the only version of WMP on my computer is 9. I would appreciate help.

Hey there Wiiseowl,

   To delete the songs, Have you tried to format the player? 

    And for the playlists, just upgrade to windows media player 10 or 11. I used to used VLC as well, and actually,

 WMP (Windows Media PLayer)  was easier for me. Just a thought.  With WMP 11, You can drag and drop songs to a playlist and the save it. Microsoft has made WMP11 totaly easy to use. 

Im not sure with Win 2000 the sys reqs to update the player. Make sure you have all your service paks and give it a try. You might like it better and find it easier.

I’ll give that a try.  Thank you.

Actually, the best way to delete the annoying sample songs and pictures is in “drag and drop” mode in Windows Explorer (opening the device in My Computer).  And no, you really don’t need to switch to MSC mode to do this.  At least I never have had to with either the c250 or my brand new clip.  I was able to find those annoying folders and delete them just fine.