problems with Sansa C200

I am very new to the MP3 world and recently purchased the Sansa C200, I would like to be able to have the different types of music I like listed separately. Currently when I download music everything goes to one file list and it is all mixed in. I have to skip over songs if I don’t want to listen to it. Tonight I spent a long time downloading Christmas music but did not want it mixed with everything else so I deleted everything off the Sansa C200 and downloaded the Christmas music. Unless I can learn how to better sort my music, I am going to have to delete the Christmas music to reload the other music. Any suggestions? What am I not doing right??? Help please. Thank you very much in advance.

I should also state that I really have the C250 series, I don’t know if that make a difference or not. Thank you again for any help offered.

I think you have two options here.

1 - Put all the music you want grouped together in Playlists (created in Windows Media Player) and transfer the playlists to the player with WMP.

2 - Change the ID3 tags on the music you want grouped.  For instance if you want your Christmas songs to be grouped together then make the Artist or Album names all the same (something like Christmas Music).  The C200 groups music based on the ID3 tag.  If you change the Artist names to Christmas Music then just browse the music on the player by Artist and you should see Christmas Music listed there.

Thank you for the suggestion.