C240 - songs cutting out, distortion during playback, etc...

I noticed in several posts that some people complained of songs distorting or channels cutting out during playback. Some of my music does the same thing, however plays just fine from my pc. Sometimes, using the mp3 versus wma format corrects the issue, or re-encoding the files and then putting them back on the player helps. However, most of the time…nothing seems to help. Maybe something happens during the sync process…I use WM Player 11.

Can someone from “Support” actually answer this question here? The issue always seems to be skipped over in several other threads I have read. Maybe it is just an oversight on your part, but it is an issue I and several others have had consistently with their players. Thanks…

Hello Duckhut!

Your question is very similar to this.

So…after reading that thread, are you suggesting that I contact Sansa support by phone and hope that they recommend replacing my player? This is one of the threads I was referring to, that really, their question was not answered. I will do that, but it has been 8 to 9 months now that I have owned the player, and I will not hold my breath hoping it will be replaced with a new one after so long. I guess I was hoping that you would actually reply with a solution or possible cause to the problem rather than refer me to another thread which really doesn’t resolve anything either.

I don’t mean to sound harsh or disrespectful, but you guys make these things. I would hope you would at least understand what may be causing the problem, provide a possible solution, or at least tell me that you don’t know what is causing the problem. Isn’t that what this forum is supposed to be for? I don’t consider spending nearly $100 on an item that can’t even operate properly for one year as being a wise purchase. I guess I expect more from a reputable company such as Sansa. Please don’t shuffle me off to another thread that still really doesn’t answer the question I asked in the first place.

Again…no disrespect intended…thanks…

Hello Duckhut again!

No offense taken.  To provide you why I said to check out the other thread - is because you said “Most of the time - nothing seems to help” which to me, is probably saying that the re-encoding you were doing *Could* be a coincidence.

If you can confirm the issue is not the headphones themselves (Trying a different pair and see if the issue still persists), then its something with the player.

Some customers do not like performing their own troubleshooting then, contact tech support and have to do the same steps again to validate the claims.  I was just looking out for your best interest in terms of saving time.

Try diff pair of headphones
listen to FM radio station - see if issue still persists (This determines if its the music files, or somethign with the player)
Format (from settings > Format)
Firmware update (agian to verify if its the player)
issue still persists - its something with the player.

Thanks for the reply. I know it is not the earphones. I guess I will call tech support and see what happens…thanks.