m230 plays distorted songs..

Hi, I was hoping that someone could help me troubleshoot my daughter’s  player which I think I may have screwed up.  I skimmed through the forum and the manuel and couldn’t find notta on the issue.  The trouble started after I downloaded some mp3 files off the net, the player was working fine prior.  The songs play back on the computer fine, but when listening to the player the songs are distorted.  There were a few files on the player before I downloaded the new files and they are screwed up too.  I was contemplating on erasing all the files and start over, but was hoping someone had an answer to this.

have you tried just formatting the player and reloading some songs? There are videos that walk you through the process in the “how to video” section.

For those of you having same issues, my problem turned out to be the headphones, I swapped the old ones out with some off a friends ipod and bamm! It works!