Songs slow down and distort when using headphones/speakers

Hi all,

I think this may be a hardware problem, but I thought I’d get a second opinion before spending the major cash to buy a new MP3 Player.

I’ve had my Sansa Connect (Refurbished) for about a year now and havn’t had any problems. This week, however, it started acting really wierd. Whenever I plug in my headphones or some external speekers I’ve been using, the song gets distorted and slows down. I’ve also noticed that the device seems to be getting really hot and hasn’t been holding a charge like it used to. Any idea what may be causing this and if there’s a way to get it fixed?

Thanks everyone for your help!

Definitely a hardware problem, though I don’t think anyone except a hardware engineer could tell you exactly what’s going on.

The Connect is a discontinued player, so I doubt SanDisk could fix it for you.

You could always get another Connect, you can find them pretty cheap on eBay.  :slight_smile:

Yeap PromisedPlanet is right, the device might be having issue mechanically, you can try to experiment on your device but not to dismantle it, we cannot fix the issue of the device getting hot but you can try to reformat your device and retransfer the song and try to do recovery tool, it may or might not work but it is worth a try :wink:


Recovery tool;


I have the same problem with my Sansa Express, and I just opened the pacakage. The music slows down and gets extremely distorted as soon as the screen turns off. I just solved the problem however, by playing MP3s instead of wave files. That’s pretty pathetic that I can’t even use this for high quality music.

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