help!!! problems listening to the music

Hi, I have in my possession the Sansa c240 mp3 player for almost a year. Just recently, my mp3 player started having problems. Whenever it plays a song, it can only play the background music (sometimes garbled up). I can barely hear the lyrics. I just don’t know what seems to be the cause of this. But there is one thing I know for sure: it’s not the earphones. I tried several different ones on it and they all had the same result. Please help!!!

personally never heard of this, might be the headphone jack I suppose. one channel might be broken. Do you get differnt results on different files? Your probably gonna ahve to call SanDisk and replace it before your year is up

Well, it is different with every song since they are all executed differently. If the song had lots of special effects, it would be very unlikely to hear the lyrics at all. It seems funny how I always wanted to listent to instrumental music only and now it seems that this wish is fulfilled, but definitely not in the way I want it since it seems that this mp3 player appears to be beyond repair. Ahhh, I feel so frustrated since it seems like everything I touch always break.

lol, the touch of king Midas. For what its worth, they give you a pre-paid shipping label and a new player in the box.