MP3 problems!!!!!! pleaseeee help

Hi, I have a 1GB Sansa model c240 mp3 and it’s been a couple of months since my problems have started, but I didn’t know where to ask for help… luckily I found this forum. My mp3 has a LOT of problems… It only plays music on one earphone specifically, the right one. At first, I though it was just my earphones that were the problem, but I tried all of my friends’ earphones, and I still had the same problem. But, the sound comes out on the left one too if I press the earphone plug at a certain angle… but it hurts my finger if I do it for a long time. Also, when I turn on the power, sometimes it stays frozen on the “SanDisk” screen so I have to take out the battery to start it again, and when I turn it on again, the volume doesn’t work and just shows a flashing arrow with the volume sign like this <volume> several times. The screen just light up and goes out a couple of times showing the flashing arrow while still playing the music even though the sound won’t come out. So I have to turn my mp3 off and on again several times until it doesn’t freeze and doesn’t have the flashing arrow. On top of that, my songs “break” sometimes… like my song would be playing fine and then start to break until it sounds like “slow motion?” and eventually freeze and not play the song, just showing the lit up screen. Then it does that for a long time but if I leave it, it sometimes speeds up and starts playing normally again, but it’s a long wait so I just take out the battery and start again sometimes… but THEN it goes back to the <volume> flashing arrow thing… since my mp3’s practically broken I was wondering if I can get it fixed somehow as it has a 1 year warranty… but I didn’t get it at a store, I got it mailed from Airmiles with my dad’s Airmiles points in May last year. PLEASE REPLY BACK I really don’t wanna get another mp3 cus this is my second one.


If you have to hold the headphones in at a certain angle to make the sound come out both sides, and it does that with other headphones, it soulds like something’s busted in the headphoe jack. I’d call tech support and see if they can replace the player for that.