Frozen/laggy sandisk

Ive had my mp3 player for about a year now with no problems what so ever. Its 4 gigs stock and I barely scratched 400 songs. The other day I decided to put a 2gig micro SD card into it and load more songs. Ever since then it has been freezing/lagging really bad. I don’t have any of the original packaging and really don’t want to have to go get a new one. Also ive been trying to update the software with the sansa updater for about an hour now and it keeps saying its still looking. If anyone could help id love you forever

Your player apparently doesn’t like some of the songs you put on that memory card. One or more of the files could be corrupted, or they may have bad (or wrong format) ID3 tags.

even after I deleted everything, I can’t even restore it to factory settings. I did just give it an update for the first time ever but now it wont even turn on. As of right now there are no songs at all on the mp3 player. IM not sure what kind it is, sansa 4gig clip?

If it has a memory card slot and looks like this

then it’s a Clip+.

Try performing a reset by pressing & holding the power button for 20 seconds or so. Now release the button and then press it just once. It should start up normally. Does it? Good. Turn it off and take the memory card out. Now turn it back on and see if it is still ‘lagging’. No? Then your problem is with one or more of the files on the card as I suggested earlier.

Give us some more information about exactly what you’ve done, what format of files you put on the memory card, where you got the files, things like that. The more info you can give us, the better and faster we can most likely help you. :wink:

Yes I do have that same player but the memory card has been out of it for weeks and ive done the reset like 50 times already today. I managed to restore it to factory settings and give it an update(which took forever because it kept freezing up). IM trying to load songs on there now and I don’t allow any that I question. So far so good, knock on wood. Seems like it was just something that you have to have a lot of patience with. Ill post what happened after I get a little farther. I thank you for your input and keep up the good work.

i tried to load some music and its saying this device does not allow files to be placed in this location. location being the music folder. all hope is lost. they are in mp3 format

You might want to format it just to make sure all the bugs are cleared out. You can do this easily; the player will actually format itself. Go to Settings > System Settings > Format. This will erase anything that’s on it (but not firmware or operating files) and give you a clean slate from which to start over.

Let us know how it goes. :smiley:

That worked. Funny though, I tried to format it like 5 times and it wouldn’t work. I guess after the new software and restore, it finally wanted to go through. On a previous post I said that I was barely scratching 400 songs with a Gig sd card. Now IM at like 475 with a gig and a half left and a free 2 gig card. I haven’t tried to play any music on it yet but I have the feeling its going to work. Thank you for helping me