i have a sandisk micro sd chip in my sansa fuze, and i cant seem to go a day without it freezing on me. this is the first time ive had an sd chip for any product, so is there a certian way to put stuff on it to make the machine run seemlessly?

any who i put all my music on the sd chip instead of on the player itself because the chip(8 gig) actually can fit all my music unlike my 4 gig player. also i reformatted the player and refilled it to see if that would help, but it didnt.

Try running ChkDsk to check for errors. Freezing is usually caused by a corupted file(s).

i updated the firmware and did the chkdsk but it still freezes, espeacially in the cold. but other times too usually when i skip songs or booting up the device. i think it might have to do with the sd card.

Everything Freezes in the cold (Its -15 where I am right now). Ok Enough joke time.Try taking 200mb off of the card, and then put it on the internal memory. Let it load and give it tons of time. The more stuff you have the longer it takes (It takes my 4 gigs combined almost 3 minutes). If your card is too full it can malfunction (No one has confirmed it but I have it happen a lot). 

its an 8gig and i only got 3 gig on it so i doubt thats it

Do you have anything on the internal? You have 3 gig on the card in a 4 gig player, put that 3 gig on the player and eliminate the card. See what happens. Then put like 1.5 gig on each and see. It may be because of the lack of music on the internal. I have not heard this to be a problem but maybe for you. BTW what Generation Fuze is yours? The first number in the Firmware will tell you is it V01, or V02?