Sansa Fuze freezes


I have a 2GB Fuze with an 8GB memory card. From the moment i got it, the audio would cut out on certain tracks when the backlight turned off. All of my music is on the SD card. 

Recently i downloaded a firmware update version 01.02.31P. The problem seemed to vanish on those specific tracks but ever since then the Fuze freezes when i am browsing albums or songs and shows a blackscreen. Everytime this happens i

keep the power button pressed for about 20 seconds and that’s the only way to get the player out of its freeze.

I need to restart it then, and everytime it starts it does the “refreshing your media” thing which takes about 20 minutes, and then the whole freezing while browsing process happens again…

Call SanDisk Tech Support.

They’ll have you re-install the firmware and maybe format the player (which will erase all your content, so you’ll have to re-load everything), but I don’t happen to think that will solve it. If it doesn’t, and they determine it to be an internal problem (which I believe it to be) they then can arrange for a new unit to be sent to you if it is still under warranty.

OK problem solved.

 I read somewhere that album art files can cause those freezes. I just deleted all the art i had in each album, formatted the SD card using Vista and downloaded all the music again. works perfect now, but somehow it still displays the album cover next to its name.