Radio Freeze

Hello,  I’ve been having a frustrating problem with my Fuze 2GB.  When I first bought one, it started freezing right away so from my past Sansa players, I knew updating the Firmware was most likely the reason.  I updated it and I thought everything was fine.  However, I noticed a big problem.  If their are no files on the player, the radio works fine.  Everytime it turns on or off the radio works fine.  Then once mp3’s are added, you can go back and listen to the radio, but after a minute or so, it gives the “white screen of death” and once its reset, it either gets frozen at the 4 color fuze logo or another white screen of death.  It can only be used again after the Fuze is reformatted or the firmware is reinstalled.  I thought I just had a dud, so I exchanged it and the new one has the same problem.  I’ve updated the firmware with the automatic updater and I’ve also tried to install it manually (in the correct USB mode).   I’ve also done the 20-30 second power reset, but it will only restart to a white screen.  I searched this forum, but didn’t find any situation exactly like this.  If I stay on mp3 is fine, or if I have no Mp3s and use just the radio, its fine that way.  But if I switch, the fuze crashes completely.  Is there anything I can do to fix this or should I just attempt to get a refund?  Thank you in advance for any help you have. 

I have a Fuze 2GB (version 2)    

Memory 3888MB

Free 3130 MB

Songs 78

Version V02.01.17A


Sounds like a lemon. I would try and get it replaced. If your store wont do it Call Sandisk.

This is the third player I’ve received.

Try this. Download mp3tag check the tags on your songs, if any of them is not set up properly this could give you some interferance. I really doubt it tho, sounds ro me like bad memory.

I’ll try that. Best Buy told me they won’t take any more of my players back. So if I send it back to Sansa, will they assure me that they can send one that works properly?

you gotta call them