MicroSD freezing issue

I have had a Sandisk Sansa Fuze with 8 GB with an 8GB Sandisk microSD card for about 2 years. No problems until yesterday, I love this thing! But then out of nowhere, when i attempted to turn it on, it turned on but got froze at the sandisk logo screen thingy. You know the 4 colored thinger. lol but when i take the card out, its fine. I at least would like to somehow be able to access my songs on my microsd card, so i know which ones im missing out on. Because i have no problem with just getting another SD card that maybe has more memory. But Also if theres a way to fix it so it doesnt freeze with my SD card in, then that would be awesome. Any help would be greatly appreciated

I think I ran across that problem once. I forget what was the cause…but I’m sure it was a bad file. Maybe a zero byte music file. My memory is very vague. If I were you I’d start investigating at the last songs you loaded onto the card. Also, you can look at your card by using a memory reader. Or you can purchase one of those microSD to SD adapters and then load it into something that reads SD cards and read it from your computer.

You could have a bad file on the microSD card.

Connect to the computer, find the microSD card in My Computer or Computer, right-click, Properties, Tools/Error-checking. It could fix a bad file.

If that doesn’t work, the Fuze could just be doing some gremlin thing.

Try this. I don’t have a reason for why it works, but it has worked twice for me.

Take out the microSD card.

Connect to your computer and make copies of all your internal memory files, because you are going to Format them away.

Format the internal memory (Settings/System Settings/Format).

When it restarts, put in the microSD card and see if it works normally. You’ll have to put back any files you had in internal memory.

I havnt tried what Leeman told me to do yet. but i tried what blackrectangle told me to do and it didnt work. And i mustve messed up the copying files thing because i lost all my music on my internal after i tried pasting it back in there…

Sorry things got worse. Formatting does erase your files from the memory, but it also frequently fixes the microSD problem.

It shouldn’t change good copies to bad ones.

Were your files mp3s or were they from a subscription service? Do you still have other copies somewhere?

As long as there’s nothing on there, you could format it again and try again. The other thing you can do is a firmware update, from this thread. Don’t use the updater–there are no more updates. Download the “All Regions” link for your version.

With the microSD problem, there are other possibilities. The card could be going bad–you’d have to check it in another device. The slot in the Fuze could be dying, too, which is not something that can be repaired.

No i dont blame you for my mishap. Everythings good. I still have all the music so were ok. But i tried my 8gb card in my phone, and none of the songs showed up. so im pretty sure my card just went bad. Cause, i put my 2 GB microsd card from my phone, in my mp3 player and it worked just fine.

Case closed. The good thing is that the price of microSD cards keeps dropping, so it won’t be too painful to replace it.

Yea, i was wondering. Is a 16 GB Sandisk MicroSD card compatible with my 8GB Sansa Fuze?

@yourmomandy3 wrote:

Yea, i was wondering. Is a 16 GB Sandisk MicroSD card compatible with my 8GB Sansa Fuze?

It sure is…I have one in my Fuze, and one in my Clip+.